Sammy Livshin

Dear Family and Friends

A wonderful team of families have moved to Leeds over the past seven years, forming the Leeds Community Kollel.

The husbands study throughout the day. In the evenings and weekends, they, as well as many of their wives throughout the day, invest an incredible amount of time, energy, and creativity in educational and social activities in the community. They have really integrated into the community in a most wonderful manner and are beloved by many. Their influence is truly felt in the community in a very positive manner. They organise Shiurim, chavrusos, Shabbatons, outings, Bat Chayil groups, teenage activities and much more. They also do immeasurable acts of kindness in the community from sending meals to families and hosting people for Shabbos meals (pre Corona!) to serving on the Chevra Kadisha, and even for arranging an immobility car free of charge for anyone in the community in need! They are a true asset to the community.

The budget for running and maintaining all of this is very high. The Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Ahron Kramer bears the financial responsibility for all of this. He is now turning to us to assist him with a matching campaign that will allow the Kollel to continue to thrive.

I thank you for your kind and generous support for this worthy cause.


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